Welcome To The Move Forward Anyway Podcast

move forward anyway podcast

Fear will come. Fear will stay. Move forward anyway. Your dream must live!

Welcome to move forward anyway. This is the place to hear real conversations about what it takes for entrepreneurs, dreamers, and creatives to focus their dream, name their fear, change their mind and define their next. 

I’m Jeff Meyer, author of Fear Not, Dream Big & Execute.  I’m the founder of the dream accelerator and the host of the Move Forward Anyway podcast. Twice every month, you can listen to a brand new episode. I’ll be covering a wealth of entrepreneurial and dream realizing topics from crystallizing your own idea to naming your fear so that you can sense your power over it. We will see how successful dreamers are changing their minds about themselves and what they can accomplish. You can change your mind about your fears so that your fear is no longer a fence that holds you back, but fuel that propels you forward.

I’ll be bringing on guests to share their own dream realization journeys, where they’ll share the real challenges they faced, along with the strategies they used to turn fear into fuel.

I’ll also be inviting dreamers who are currently facing obstacles and barriers to join me in live coaching sessions, where I help them break through their own self-sabotaging mindsets and give them practical strategies for taking their next step and moving forward anyway.

What you can always expect on this podcast is real conversations with practical action steps to help you overcome the lie of helplessness and realize your capacity to make a positive difference in the world and to make a positive difference in the lives of those around you.

Your dream must live, so let’s move forward anyway!

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