The World Needs Your Dream!

EP 08 Elizabeth Polzin
“Do I have time for a dream?” asks Elizabeth Polzin, wife, mother, and full-time staff member at Concordia University Wisconsin. Elizabeth met Jeff via the Dream Accelerator, after she realized a hole in the children’s literature market: there was very little about the Lutheran idea of vocation. Ironically, Elizabeth’s passion for vocation brought her into a new role as an aspiring children’s author.  For Elizabeth, the process of following her dream involved a lot of fear. Beyond the perils of imposter syndrome, she struggled to find time and energy to make her dream happen as a working mother. But the support of her community, and the power of speaking her dream into existence helped Elizabeth overcome that fear – and today she has a working draft of her very first children’s book.  This week on the Move Forward Anyway podcast, we are talking about the power of dreams, community, and what it means to pursue something you never imagined.   Quotes: “The world needs your dream. And it begins with the next step. There is no timeline except the one you are putting on yourself.” (28:42-28:54) “My dream does not only have significance to me. Chances are, if you are dreaming it, it is very likely that your dream has significance to someone else.” (29:10-29:20) Links: Email: [email protected] LinkedIn: Podcast production and show notes provided by FIRESIDE Marketing

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