The Humanness Of Entrepreneurship: Stories, Questions, & Community

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“I’ve always been interested in people’s stories,” says John Busacker, a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. John began his work as a financial advisor, but his interest in stories and the “life” parts of financial advising lead him to leadership coaching.  As a leadership coach, John is interested in the questions we ask each other, and ourselves. “The best leaders,” he says, “ask the best questions.” John’s strong connection to his faith empowered him to look at Jesus’s questions as inspiration for how we can live in the grey area, and grapple with questions that don’t have clear answers in our lives and in our work.  Tune in to this episode of Move Forward Anyway to hear host Jeff Meyers chat with his long-time pal about determining not just your net worth but your “Life’s Worth,” becoming a story-focused leader, and John’s new book Gasping for Breath, which talks about how to find solace in life’s hardest moments, when you feel you can’t come up for air.  Quotes:
  • “I’ve always been interested in people’s stories.” 
  • “The best leaders with whom I’ve worked… the best one’s I know ask the best questions. And are accustomed to, and more and more comfortable, living with the in-between. They don’t think or have the illusion that they have all the answers. They’re comfortable not having all the answers. They’re comfortable asking the question, and not in a leading the witness sort of way.” (26:46- 27:26)
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