Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute


Get Jeff Meyer’s book, which is packed with life lessons and tools. Full of actionable exercises, this must-have tool kit is much more than information ABOUT dreams and their pursuit. It will help you focus your dream and change your mind about what you can accomplish.

Get this must-have resource and launch your dream forward.

You will be introduced to the Dream Circle and Realization Circle. Call it your own personal map to realize your dream. We like to refer to it as the #moveforwardanyway approach.





Jeff Meyer’s book is packed with a powerful combination of inspiration and practical tools that will spark your dream and ignite your follow through.

Plus, get the audio book and PDF included! The PDF will allow you to get started on YOUR DREAM right away. You can start listening to the content in your car, or on the treadmill today.

Find the courage to be yourself. Deepen your insight into your own resistance. And make a plan to #moveforwardanyway.


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