Practicing Delight with Justin Rossow

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“If you wait until you have all the answers, you’re never going to do it,” says Justin Rossow, author, entrepreneur, pastor, and dreamer extraordinaire. On this episode of Move Forward Anyway, host Jeff Meyer talks with Justin about his book Delight!, and the emotions he overcame to start Next Step Press and publish his first book. 

What was Justin’s biggest struggle as a fledgling entrepreneur? Overcoming grief. Not the grief of losing a person, but the grief of what we “should” have done, the opportunities we believe we missed. And there were other griefs too. In order to make his dream come true, Justin had to ask his family for support. They sold their house, and his wife went back to work so the family could have health insurance and a steady income. Justin shares the ways he continues to process and let go of these griefs, so he can take the next small step forward — a small step that has led him, so far, to a book that is receiving great critical acclaim. 

Tune in this week to discover Justin’s journey, and learn more about how to practice delight in your daily discipleship. 


  • “The list of things I should get done becomes so burdensome, I can’t get anything done.” (around 16:53-17:08) 
  • “The discipleship journey is about loving and being loved” (37:47-37:52)
  • “If you wait until you have all the answers, you’re never going to do it. If you wait until you have the perfect idea, you’re never going to act.” (39:01-39:09)


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