If You Want Your Story to Move Forward, You Have to Get Uncomfortable

Laura Gallagher, CEO & Founder of The Creative Company, started her PR and marketing agency in 1989, only one year after women were legally allowed to obtain business loans. She has since survived many economic and personal hardships but has grown her business exponentially, ultimately reaching the top 2% of women-owned businesses in the country. 

When Laura first began her entrepreneurial journey, women entrepreneurs were few and far between. Even though Laura had the odds stacked against her, she showed up every day and persevered. By surrounding herself with strong female mentors and consistently putting herself in rooms with people who knew more than she did, Laura slowly but surely paved the way to her success. 

Throughout her years in business, there have been many times where Laura has been uncomfortable. Whether it be personal or professional hardships, Laura explains that getting out of your comfort zone is a necessary part of the entrepreneurial journey. According to her, if you don’t put yourself through the uncomfortable developing phases, you can never create something scalable. During especially trying times, Laura relied on her faith in God and accepted that things would happen on His time.

Tune into this week’s episode of Move Forward Anyway for a conversation with Laura about the lessons she has gleaned throughout her entrepreneurial journey. Learn about how Laura conquered a male-dominated industry, the importance of writing things down, and how to capitalize on uncomfortable situations to grow in business and in faith.


• “It’s about grit and surrounding yourself with the right people who will help you to move your ideas forward. And who’s already done it.” (03:05-03:13) 

• “If there is one thing that I could say that has made all the difference in the world is that I’ve always tried to be around the smartest people in the room.”  (03:15- 03:20) 

• “You’re more likely to accomplish something if you write it down. You are 80% more likely to accomplish it if you write it down.” (06:10- 06:17) 

• “80% of the companies in America are small businesses and employ 20 or fewer people. But if you don’t go through that uncomfortable stage of developing systems and processes so that staff can come onboard, feel safe and also do the work, you aren’t going to create something that is scalable, ever.” (08:17- 08:35) 

• “You’re going to be uncomfortable if you want your story to move forward.” (24:45-24:50) 

• “Being a scientist, being an explorer helps you to manage the things that go sideways.” (36:08-36:15) 


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