Enjoy Change & Embrace Uncertainty With This Formula

“How do I manage change?”

Aspiring Leaders Intel & Christian-Creating Cultures of Humility-A Foundational Challenge AND Opportunity

This past week Amy and I were privileged to deliver a keynote at a conference for business leaders, execs, and intelligence (competitive intelligence) professionals. In a seldom seen moment we were asked to facilitate a conversation about creating cultures of humility. Risky move on the part of the conference designers.

Why we no longer need the scriptural encouragement Fear Not!

No risk taken.

For Preachers on Holy Week

It’s that last quiet day before the rush of services.

5 Foundational Truths – The Art of Obedience

A friend recently asked in a response to a Facebook post if “concrete practices” REVEAL God’s Road” or “REINFORCE God’s Road”?  Great question. In discipleship training, I think, both. Too often we think that practicing faith (concrete practices) only reinforces God’s way. I believe they also open our eyes (reveal). In obeying we can see God’s presence […]

Essential Missional Behaviors: The Art of Obedience

Leaders act. They obey. Taking the next step, they understand that nothing happens with good intentions alone. 

3 Sure Fire Ways to Generate Leadership Momentum

Generating leadership momentum. Every leader needs to learn how. If you’ve been stationary for any period of time you know you need to generate some. Generating it takes incredible energy. Stepping out of a maligned past is a challenge. Overcoming the barriers and generating healthy momentum is not for the faint of heart. Momentum is […]

Simplify Your Discipleship and Disciple-making With These 2 Questions

Do a google search for “discipleship” “discipleship training” “new believer discipleship material” “discipleship lessons for new believers” “practical discipleship” “discipling” “helping others follow Jesus” and you will be inundated with enough reading to keep you occupied until Jesus comes back. And here I am adding another post to add to the mix! Geesh. For those […]

How Missional Living Online Training Helps You Multiply Joy

So much of the missional training that is available today is isolated from the encouragement of community. We are on our own with most of the missional living online training. Yet, we master missional skills better together. Jeff explains the concept of the “30 Things” and shares how engaging with others in the Sardis Collective […]

Share YOUR Ideas With The World

If given a platform, YOUR ideas would add value.   At Sardis Collective we want you to… share your stuff & earn some income!