Another opportunity to #moveforwardanyway coming in July!


Because of the overwhelming response to our 5-day challenge this week. We have begun promoting our next one TODAY. It begins July 13th.

Hear what participants are saying:

“I kept telling myself now was not the time. But, my 11 year old reminded me that we can do this together as a family. We have a family value to help other families live healthier lives. I’m so glad I took the time this week to enroll in the #moveforwardanyway Challenge. It gave me hope again!”

“Thanks for making me think about my dream again, and bringing the fire back!!”

“So much has happened in 2020 and I gave up. I learned that I can hit the ball where it’s pitched. sorry for the baseball metaphor, but it’s my new slogan when it comes to the fear I experience sometimes. I can take fear along with me!”

These are just a few comments from the 5-day #moveforwardanyway Challenge that wraps up tomorrow.

What lies has fear got you believing about your dream, about your idea? Why not make the decision right now to join our next challenge?