3 Benefits Of An Entrepreneur Workshop That Give You And Your Dream A Distinct Advantage

If you have ever considered investing in an entrepreneur coaching program, or life coach to help you remove barriers, establish clear next steps, build confidence with a competent dream-pursuit plan, but haven’t pulled the trigger because you’re not sure that the investment will be worth it, then consider the benefits of our entrepreneur workshop, the Dream Accelerator.

Here are just a few of the comments that were made by participants at our most recent, one-day entrepreneur workshop.

I‘ve arranged the comments under three of the top benefits you receive with your Dream Accelerator investment.


Receive an undimmed, bright picture of your dream ALONG WITH next steps to begin the journey.

“I came into the entrepreneur workshop with a dream and came out with a VISION, and specific steps I need to take to get there.” 

“The Dream Accelerator met me where I was in the process of birthing my own consulting service. I got great clarity and one big breakthrough.”


Enjoy focused support from interested partners who help you discover your own best answers.

“The entire process built on consecutive concepts with coaching as a bridge between the concepts. I like how it all hung together as a whole. Loved the process!”

“I loved the coaching rounds with the different coaches. You pushed me to name my goals and next steps instead of just focusing on the big picture, which often leaves me feeling overwhelmed.”


Build confidence and invigoration from like-minded, and hopeful friends committed to walking with you.

“I appreciate the time to help ground in a plan something that has been percolating for years. You helped me move it to the next level.”

“I appreciated the group discussions with other entrepreneurs. It was an interesting way to generate ideas.”

“A small entrepreneur workshop like this is a nice advantage!”

“Everyone has a dream. But not everyone has a champion that will always be in your corner. Now Jeff and his entrepreneur coaching program is here and he and his coaching team will provide a dedicated dream team so you can attain yours!”

If clarity, coaching, and community sounds appealing to you, and you think these three benefits would help you develop a plan to go after something that has been “percolating for years.,” let us help. Wee are enrolling right now for our next Dream Accelerator on Friday, May 29th. To begin the process, schedule your Dream Discovery Call HERE!

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