Take Your Obsession and Make it Your Profession

Ever since high school, Paul Copeland has had a passion for cigars. From watching his dad smoke a cigar while riding the tractor around the farm to creating a cigar club in both high school and college, Paul has always had a cigar-based social life. On today’s episode of Move Forward Anyway, Paul explains how you can turn your everyday passion into a storefront reality. 

As an avid cigar connoisseur, Paul always knew he wanted to turn his passion into a business. He then met Country superstar Luke Bryan through cigar clubs, and they began to ponder the idea of opening a cigar shop. Together, they opened Shore Thing Cigars in Florida, close to Luke Bryan’s vacation home. Not only do Paul and Luke communicate well as friends, but they also share a deep-rooted trust as business partners. 

When it comes to running his store, Paul explains the importance of always putting your staff first. Paul has a staff made up of all women, and he gushes about what these women have taught him about his marriage, life and how to be a more understanding person.

Tune into this week’s episode of Move Forward Anyway for an insightful conversation with Jeff and Paul about following your dreams. Learn more about the importance of compassion when it comes to owning a small business and how Paul’s childhood passion has allowed him to turn his obsession into a profession.



• “Let’s take my obsession and make it a profession.” (07:58-08:01) 

• “The brand and the staff comes first, then the customer. The customer is not first in my book. I do all the things for my staff, and they will represent me to the customers. My staff is most important.” (20:21-16) 

• “Shore Things Cigars is a place that has changed my life” (17:35-17:40) 

• “A boss is someone who cares how you do at work. A leader is someone who cares how you do outside of work.” (22:40-22:48) 

• “We are giving people an area where people can feel like they are on stage and they are the stars of the show. We give them an area where they feel great and they share, but not so much that they lock down.” (26:30- 27:01) 

• “The fear was am I doing something wrong because I am following my dream, following my passion? I’m not doing a ‘real job.’ Thank the Lord there is income coming in as well.” 

• “Look at it as surgery. If we go through surgery, the reason we are going through surgery is we have something that needs to be fixed to make it work better. There are risks, and after surgery, you’re not going to feel 100% better, and you have to strengthen yourself. But, you have to understand the surgery was done to fix something. After that therapy wears out, you have the strength and you’re able to move on.” (45:25-45:34) 


Get in touch with Paul Copeland:

• Phone Number: (850) 213-3750

• Email: [email protected]

• Address: The Hub 30A, 37 Hub Lane Watersound Beach, Florida, 32461

• We’re located between Rosemary Beach and Seaside on the beach side of 30A


• Website: https://shorethingcigars.com/

• IG – https://www.instagram.com/shorethingcigars/

• FB – https://www.facebook.com/shorethingcigars

• Twitter – https://twitter.com/shorethingcigar

• LinkedIn: https://linkin.bio/shorethingcigars


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• Schedule a Discovery Call with Jeff: https://go.oncehub.com/DreamAcceleratorDiscoveryCall


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