Trust God, Know Your Who and Your Why, and Then Ask for Help

Twenty years ago, Tami Fleming worked as Host Jeff Meyer’s office manager. Since then, she’s had two daughters, undergone a divorce and started several organizations to aid the unhoused population of Madison. Inspired to help those that are suffering in a tangible way, Tami started out by giving out cookies on State Street. A passion was ignited, and Tami started Friends of the State Street Family Homeless Shelter and Shelter from the Storm, a transitional home for single moms. Tami also developed a business proposal for the Rapid Rehousing program, allowing recently displaced families to find apartments and settle back into their lives. More recently, Tami launched Those Flippin’ Flemings, a vintage furniture refurbishing business. It is undeniable that Tami is just getting started as her “Movement of Compassion” grows.

On today’s episode, Tami and Jeff discuss how you don’t need a Ph.D. in social work to impact people’s lives. Tami’s strength comes from trusting God and developing deep connections with the population she serves. Through listening to the needs of others, Tami has been able to effectively gain the trust of her unhoused peers to propel them forward. Tami also recognizes that no one accomplishes anything alone. By surrounding herself with a team of therapists, opportunity coaches and caseworkers, she has provided the services needed to stabilize (and save) lives. Although there’s been insecurity along the way, Tami credits God for making her dreams of helping others a reality.

Tune into this week’s episode of Move Forward Anyway for an inspiring discussion between Tami and Jeff about listening to God when following your passion. Not everyone has a ten-year plan or everything figured out, but following simple steps and trusting the process can lead to life-changing results.



• “We get those little winks from God, you know. Like, hey, you’re doing what I want you to do. Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of what you need.”  (15:12-15:18)

• “I think what I’ve learned – first of all, trust God. Because if you’re doing what he wants you to do, he will show up. He will show up, and he will make it work. I came from a place where I thought I had to know everything and do everything by myself, and I couldn’t ask for help because that would mean I couldn’t do it. And that’s not how we’re supposed to be – we’re supposed to work with our brothers and sisters because none of us can do this alone.” (20:20-20:48)

• “You don’t have to have a Ph.D. in social work to be able to help someone in a practical way that’s experiencing homelessness. You know, you do something practical, and you just listen. You ask them questions about what they’re talking about and try to understand where they’re coming from and if there’s something practical they need, be that person for them.” (31:35-31:52)

• “You don’t have to be wealthy or perfect or have a Ph.D. to be able to do something really meaningful in the world or in the life of another person.” (57:57-58:07)



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