Do What You Can With What You Have and Leave the Rest Up to God

Tommy Woodard and Eddie James, aka The Skit Guys, have been passionate about writing and producing skits since they were kids. When Eddie began getting close to God during his high school years, the duo set their sights on writing skits that represented their Christian faith. Since then, Tommy and Eddie have produced multiple viral skits and currently have dreams to further their passion in the realm of movie production. 

While the pair has found success through this work, the journey has been anything but easy. The Skit Guys share with host Jeff Meyer that there were many times when their reality was completely at odds with their dreams. Between several missed shows and depleted bank accounts, the two were forced to question whether or not they should step back and focus their attention on their youth ministries. In order to move forward, The Skit Guys had to embrace the challenges they faced and the opportunity to do what they loved. Tommy and Eddie encourage any listeners who may be undergoing similar hurdles to say yes to their dreams and to never stop talking about them with God.

Tune into this week’s episode of Move Forward Anyway for a conversation with The Skit Guys about chasing your dreams. Learn more about the origins of their business and how their relentless pursuit of a passion paved the way for God to turn their dreams into a reality.



• “We hit that sweet spot of live events, and the internet grew when it happened. And in our minds, God used that to catapult us to where our ministries have gone.” (12:35-12:45)

• “I think the church should be the best at helping people discover their dreams and use their gifts and skills and help them get to a place where they can launch that. And then we can celebrate God’s work through people.” (17:15-17:30)

• “We’ve said before, do what you can with what you have, where you are and leave the results up to God. And so, all we knew to do was to keep doing what we could, where we were, and then leave the results up to Him.” (22:55-23:11)

• “The dream doesn’t always look like we think that dream is going to look like. But our job is to continue to be faithful through those days, and trust that God’s going to be the one to bring the dream into fruition.” (51:07- 51:18)

• “If dreams are a gift from God, then don’t stop talking to Him about them.” (58:45-58:51)



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