When Enjoying People Trumps the Duty to Serve

My wife, Amy and I on our way to a fierce conversation had an awakening of sorts.

It was a conversation neither of us wanted to be in. We knew it would be hard. At the worst, painful. At the least, awkward. Yet, we went. Giving up our date night we were both angry as we made our way to the destination.

Halfway there Amy changed the dance. She began to pray. I joined her in asking God to help us. Specifically, we pleaded that He would help us show up with a spirit of curiosity; that He would help us find something in this visit to appreciate; that He would remove any lingering pain from the past, and let us experience the Divine connection of brothers and sisters communing together; that He would transform the conversation from awkward, and painful to enjoyable. Bold prayer.

As a ministry leader there are many times in my relationship with people my calling as pastor leads to a great sense of responsibility and duty. Sometimes this leaves me weighed down and burdened.

Is there more than responsibility and duty in my calling? Is there more than love and service in my life?

I think so.

What happened that night in the car after Amy’s prayer was nothing less than the transformation of my attitude, my perspective, my motivation. Instead of showing up in that conversation as a pastor with the duty to love and serve, God gave me the gift of an enjoyable evening with friends. I was blessed. Go figure.

My encouragement to you is to pay attention to the places and interactions where God might want to give you the gift of an enjoyable moment with one of God’s precious people.

 Let me know where God trumps duty and service with joy and appreciation. I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line at jmeyer@livelifetogether.com