The Empty Tomb and the Missional Life: 3 Implications

I had this huge revelation today. 

Jesus is still alive.  He is living.  He will always be living. 

I’m taking some time again today to sit in the empty tomb.  Here’s a few things I’m pondering as I sit holding the empty grave clothes in my Savior’s tomb.

The empty tomb is the power for living missionally.  The empty tomb…

1)     Confirms that everything God/ Jesus has said is true. 

If Jesus rose from the dead, He backs up everything that has been said about Him.  He also confirms everything that He said about Himself.  Check out all of His truth claims in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  Get a red letter addition and check out His words.  If He did not rise, Jesus is a liar in a long list of liars.  

Because he lives, I can trust Him.  I can believe everything God reveals to me in His Word is truth.

In a day and time when we are bombarded by relativism, I can know for sure.

2)     Guarantees that we have nothing to fear and everything we need. 

If death itself has been conquered, then what shall I fear?  If the tomb is empty what need of mine will not be fulfilled?  Paul says, “I am more than a conqueror through Christ who loves me…(and lives for me)” Romans 8:37

3)     Delivers eternal life today.  Jesus’ tomb is my tomb.  Read Romans 6:3-5

I don’t have to linger and yearn for eternal life and its blessings to happen someday.  

Ponder with me the implications of these three points for YOUR life today.   I’d love to hear what God is revealing to you.