Start Here

Unsure of what’s next?

An unclear identity and direction can grip any leader with fear. We all need clarity to pursue our future.


Unsure of what to do now?

An uncertain present can keep any leader stuck. We all need creativity to take advantage of current opportunities.


Unsure who could help?

An unidentified source of support can leave any leader feeling alone. We all need coaching to access wisdom and strength.


At some point every leader needs courage to unleash their NEXT.


I can help.


A responsive Jesus-follower is the hope of the world.
Communities are transformed when Jesus-followers are stoked and respond.
Man is made so that whenever anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish.  -Jean LaFontaine
Jesus’ invitation to follow Him is an adventure of epic proportions.

There is so much restraint in the church; so much fear.

The misbeliefs that produce a timid spirit are relentless.

What if we were free to soar?

We are Gospel people!

Why, then, so much fear?

  The ingrafted power, grace, and creativity of the Creator Himself so frequently gets curbed in our life & ministry contexts.

It’s like we’re afraid of getting it wrong or messing it up.


Perfect love drives out ALL FEAR.

What would you do today if you weren’t afraid?

What would you try?

What would you pursue?

I would like to help you answer these questions!

I would love to see you discover and pursue YOUR NEXT…

…with little or no anxiety.

…with joy and passion.

…with lightness and courage.



You are free to exercise YOUR God-given choice without fear!