Recognizing 4 Transformational Moments


Following Jesus is a journey taken moment by moment.

In order to help others follow Him we need to develop an attentive posture.  Deepening an appreciation of the moment is the first step in being able to be truly helpful IN THE MOMENT.

These moments can be launching pads into a new day, a fresh insight, a deeper understanding of themselves, of their world, of their situation, of their learning edge, of their need for God.  In order to seize these moments, we first need to be able to recognize them.My friend and coach, Lynn Schoener identifies 4 Moments and the cues that tip us off.  I have found her 4 Moments extremely helpful.  In future posts I’ll be sharing what Lynn encourages us to do in these moments.


As an executive and team coach, speaker, and workshop leader, I strive to inspire and guide the reinvention process. We are living in a world abundant with opportunity and unlimited choices, a world of constant challenge and relentless change.

As a coach and consultant to organizations in transition, I work with leaders to develop coaching cultures and improve employee satisfaction, team performance, and engagement. My coaching work with individuals is designed to help them through the challenging times that we all face in life from time to time. Through keynote presentations and workshops on coaching, change, renewal, and adult development, I help entry-level employees, entrepreneurs, pastors, professors, physicians, PhDs, CEOs, and leaders at every level work and live with more energy, purpose, and joy.

Moment 1:  A Wish, but No Goal

Cue:  “I want…”   “I wish…”  “I hope…”  “I think…”  “I imagine…”  “If only…”  “It would be nice if…”  all indicate a desire for something different.  Helping them set a target, establish a goal to work toward might actually give them some hope.

Moment 2:  A Goal, but No Action

Cue:  “I don’t know where to begin…”  “This feels big…”  “I am motivated, but I don’t know quite what to do…” all indicate that they have a goal in mind, but they are not sure where to start.  Helping them discern some simple action steps might actually help them get started.

Moment 3:  Action Steps, but No Action

Cue:  “…it’s too risky” “…it’s too hard” “…it’s too time consuming” “…it’s too complicated” “…it’s too early” “’s too late” all indicate a “Yes, but-resistance” that reveals a wavering commitment.  Giving voice to their resistance without the fear of judgment might help them understand the barriers that they are creating that keep them from realizing their dreams.

Moment 4:  Action Taken, but No Traction

Cue:  “I expected this, but got that…” “I tried doing X, but it didn’t work…”  “I thought doing X would work, and it did, sort of, but…” all indicate that on the road to taking action they have encountered obstacles that are threatening their progress.  Helping them make adjustments, and adapt at this critical point can renew energy and confidence at vulnerable points in the journey.

Recognizing these moments and engaging people with the right approach can build a bridge to a new, hopeful place.

Can you identify in your own life where you are on this list of 4 Moments?



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Recognizing 4 Transformational Moments

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