We all need permission to dream, to try.  With permission anyone can step boldly into the NOW right in front of them.

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My wife Amy and I are privileged to be the leaders for PLI’s Missional Leader Learning Community. We are so excited to be a part of this growing movement of missional leaders.

Here are a few questions we consider together:

  • What does it look like for you to joyfully partner with God in what He’s doing?
  • What in your life would you invite others to imitate for the sake of God’s Kingdom?
  • Who would you willingly invite to get close enough to you so they could observe “how you follow Jesus”?
  • As a ministry, what are you doing well right now that could be leveraged to help you move one step closer to being a missional church?
  • As a Christian pastor and leader, have you depended on sermons and classes to get people to reach out and live on mission when you have not been ready to do it yourself?

At the end of every immersion experience, you will leave with an actionable six-month plan to implement at your congregation to incrementally achieve your Spirit-led goals.

We believe that the IMMERSIONS and COACHING experience provide the right combination of instruction and interaction for us to provide you the tools and lay a foundation for building a culture of mission in your faith community. The COMMUNITY GROUP you form back home in your local context allow you to put into practice with others what you are discovering in Missional Leader.


The Learning Community Journey

Your Learning Community journey with PLI lasts two years and includes a total of four immersions lasting four days each. The immersions occur twice a year (approximately every six months).

Are you seeking to:

  • Build curiosity about what God is doing in my life, my neighbors’ lives, in my community, and in my world.
  • Learn what it means to be a “missional” leader in today’s cultural context.
  • Discover and articulate vision
  • Navigate change for the sake of the mission
  • Create teams of people for that mission
  • Courageously and gently lead

If so,  Missional Leader is the perfect place for you.  It is the perfect place for any Christian leader who desires to build confidence and competence in missional living and leadership.


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