2 Proven, Easy Moves To Make This A Missional Summer

Missional Summer


A missional summer is the best kind of summer! Unhurried conversations with friends, deepening relationships with neighbors, and life-infusing fun with people that matter to us are just a few of the benefits of a missional summer. And, experiencing it is easier than you ever thought.  All these benefits can be experienced with two proven and easy moves.

Make these proven and easy moves and enjoy your best missional summer ever:

Move your activities from the backyard to the front yard. 

Hang out there.  Be visible.  Resist the urge for “alone time.”

I’ve seen people move their gardens to the front, increasing impromptu stop-byes. I’ve witnessed elaborate fire pits in the backyard exchanged for mobile fire pits in the driveway; expensive landscaping plans trashed in favor of a few Adirondack chairs from Target; birthday celebrations with cake and candles brought out from the kitchen to the cul-de-sac and shared with neighbors–all creating an invitational posture. These proven, easy moves can automatically increase your relational capacity because they enlarge your visibility and your availability.

What do you enjoy doing in your backyard that you could with a little creativity move to your front yard?

As a result, what new opportunities can you imagine you will have with people because you were available?

Take a listening posture with someone in your circle of influence.

Take an interest in their story.  Ask questions of them.  Resist the urge to “share your story.”

People are drawn to others who take an interest in them. It is possible this summer to lay aside our need to be heard and take up a listening posture. Make it an enjoyable experience. Seek to discover all you can about the people who engage with you in your new front yard focus.

What things would you like to know about the people who surround you?

What new thing will you discover about your friend because you were attentive?

Share with me what moves you’ve made that has proven to be effective.

Share with me what you plan to do to make this your best missional summer ever.

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  • Great, Micah. Enjoy your new friends!

  • Micah Greiner

    We are going to host a neighborhood potluck, called Taste of Bernard (that’s our street name), with our next door neighbors. We have a shared driveway and have been talking about this for a few years. This is the year we will get it done!