Dream A Little

Take people to the future.  Every person has a latent dream.  Putting them there makes it possible.

People get stuck in the present on account of their routine or rhythm.  They feel trapped or helpless.

People get stuck in the past on account of their success or failure.  They feel content or guilty.

What we need are people who will sit with us long enough to help us a dream a little.  

I love to take individuals to a place where they can suspend disbelief.  Make believe.  Imagine if.  

I also love to see teams get unlocked as they dream a little.  Here’s a team exercise I use with teams as they try to answer the question:  Where is God leading us?  It’s called Newspaper Prophets and it’s in Auxano’s Vision Deck.  

Newspaper Prophets

Predict news headlines based on what you dream God will do through your church.  What will be the most newsworthy happening?  How will your church be different?  How will God use your church to change the community?

People and churches lose hope and lose their way when they stop dreaming a little. Our God is the restorer of hope.  He is the dream-giver, and future-producer.  And, He invites us to fully participate in making the dream a reality.  Isn’t that cool?