Telling Yourself the Truth (Minneapolis, MN: Bethany House Publishers, 1980)

It is amazing to me how much of my thought life goes unchallenged. Over time, these unchallenged, unspoken thoughts become a part of my self-talk. And, much of that self-talk is built on misbeliefs. In Telling Yourself the Truth Dr. Backus empowers the reader to own their own self-talk by teaching them the four simple, yet profound steps he calls misbelief therapy: 

1) Uncover and Identify your misbeliefs

2) Write the misbeliefs down (journal),

3) Challenge the misbelief, and

4) Replace the misbeliefs with the truth (journal).

Telling Yourself the Truth has been one of the most formative books in my adult life. I am learning that the truth actually does set you free.

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