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About Me

Why Should You Work With Me?


I love to ignite, resource, and cheer on leaders to freely and boldly take their next step. If you could use some clarity, encouragement, or focused support, we need to connect.


My passion for leaders has led to the ever-broadening encouragement of 100’s of Jesus-followers and ministry leaders. Here’s a few of the ways I may be able to serve you:

Ministry Clarity

Missional Living and Leadership

Personal Discipleship and Leadership

Mission and Ministry Integration

Click on the boxes below to see how I can help you answer the 3 questions every leader must be able to answer.


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My Story

Over the past 18 years serving as the Lead Pastor of the Church, a multi-location, missional movement in Madison, Wisconsin, I have discovered that living and leading in a local ministry context as pastor is my vocational first love.

All of the encouragement and support I can offer you has and is being lived out with a great group of people. We look at ourselves as an incubator for vision clarity, missional living, and intentional leadership.

We have been experimenting, practicing and integrating as we live life together.

I may be able to help you as you sort out your NEXT!


My Motivation

I am a strategic-entrepreneur who is motivated by:

The Question-great aspirations are discovered through persistent and courageous inquiry.
The Story-great aspirations attract and inspire other great ideas which, in turn, yield a grand narrative.
The Risk-great aspirations become substantive with intentional and timely gambles.
The Contribution-great aspirations are improved through the gifted and passionate participation of others.


My Invitation

What must you do NOW to unleash your NEXT?
OK, you’ve put it off long enough. Don’t settle a day longer for drifting along in the current of life’s rhythm.
Don’t put up one more day with someone elses vision. Find your unique direction.
Let’s work together to discover and eliminate the forces and realities that are keeping you paralyzed.