10 Things I Would Tell Myself At My High School Graduation


High School Graduation. I left home the day after mine.

Moved into a garage in the back lot of Tommy Bartlett’s in Wisconsin Dells. Lived off of Dinty Moore Beef Stew. Worked at Robot World and Exploratory. Don’t laugh. Anything for money before College.

Before you hear Pomp and Circumstance for the millionth time. Before you listen to all those self-help speeches when all you really want to do is get to the celebration, check this out.

There are a few things that I’ve learned through the years since 1984 that I would like to go back and tell myself before my HS Graduation. So, in the spirit of the season, and in honor of my last High School Graduate, here they are.

10 words of encouragement I would like to share with my High-School-Graduating Self.

(1984 was a long time ago. A lot of life has happened since then. it’s not too late for me to benefit. And, Alli Meyer, if you’re reading, maybe this list could help you as you take the next steps in your journey. Yes, there is life beyond High School. Thank God!)

Never forget to…

1. Ask for Help

You cannot do everything yourself. In this age of individualism and rugged independence, you can miss out on tremendous blessings and friendships if you don’t learn to rely on others. Relationships are reciprocal, and mutually beneficial.

2. Master the Fundamentals

Daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, yearly rhythms are built into the order of life. Find your rhythms and don’t accept artificial solutions that promise relief and never give rest. Avoid complicating your life by overextending yourself, many are dying from the pace they’ve set. Read more here.

3. Be Yourself First

Don’t have too many advisors. You know your own best answers. You were never created to be someone else-you are truly one of a kind.

4. Enlist Invested Partners

There are interesting people and there are interested people. Surround yourself with interested people. The key noticeable attribute of these people: they listen with curiosity, genuinely care, and love being with you.

5. Own Your Replenishment

Do whatever you need to do to figure out what replenishes your spirit. Make sure you intentionally include those moments within the normal rhythms of your life. Relentlessly defend that rhythm, others won’t defned it for you.

6. Try New Things

You can’t fail. You might just discover your next favorite thing. You could uncover a talent or calling that is yours to live.

7. Laugh More Often

Life is short. Life is hard. It is easier to live with a smile.

8. Release Your Quirkiness

You have interests and passions that others won’t understand. There will always be somebody who can connect with your unique preferences. The world needs YOUR quirkiness.

9. Broaden Your Learning

In an age of specialization, don’t be too quick to narrow your focus. Develop a comprehensive base. Your life’s work will more likely be a portfolio of skills.

10. Live Beyond Failure

See #6. There is life beyond death, opportunities beyond dead-ends, new hope beyond broken dreams. So, when you experience the end of something, take a deep breath and step forward with a bold curiosity that asks, “What’s next?”

What would you add to my list?