Block out space and time to unleash your NEXT!

Overcome the crippling effects of leadership paralysis.

Leaders who have unleashed their NEXT

…when we began this journey, I guess we believed the myth that we were doing this alone.  …I didn’t think there was anyone who would even know how to help us get to the next step.  You were able to adapt and help us find our unique place as a leader, without imposing the ‘what we did’ burden.

Anneke Hudson

PLI-Missional Leader Coach

There is plenty of value in a trustworthy person asking the right questions.

Corey Grunklee

PLI-Missional Leader Graduate

Jeff can coach organizations or individual leaders.
…facilitating planning meetings, assisting with governance issues, providing staff training, helping congregations and individuals become more missional.

Dr. James Galvin

Galvin and Associates

Jeff has been a partner in ministry that has inspired two grand things:
Clarity…  Through coaching Jeff has helped me sort through what is and what isn’t, where to go next, and how to start moving there.
Permission… Through his example, friendship and professional role in my life, Jeff has given me permission to pursue what God is inviting me into, no matter how different or against-the-norm it might be.

Dan Hudson

Pastor, Sanctuary

Jeff is a masterful consultant, with an intuitive sense of when to challenge and when to encourage. An extraordinarily deep thinker, Jeff asks powerful questions that empower others to discover their truth and design the best path forward. He is an articulate and passionate visionary, able to evoke in others the courage, creativity and discipline to transform their systems, and themselves, in the process.

Lynn Schoener

Master Coach

Trust or Control

In that moment, any moment, is an opportunity to choose. Trust or Control. Today, on our way to my allergy shots we were following a car that had license plates that read PSALM 40 1I waited patiently for the LORD to help me, and he turned to me and heard my cry. 2He...
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Leadership Essential #4: The Art of Imitation

As a young man I learned how to shave by imitating my father as he shaved. I practiced driving by imitating whoever was driving. I began singing by imitating others as they sang. Imitation.  It’s natural.  It’s the way we learn a behavior. How do people...
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Leadership Essential #3: The Art of Invitation

  Inviting a friend to join me on a trip to Lambeau Field to watch the Green Bay Packers comes naturally for me.  It’s easy.  No need to develop my invitational skills, or craft a creative invitation.  No need to enroll in a class to learn how to engage, or...
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Leadership Essential #2: The Art of Obeying

Leaders obey. They act. Taking the next step, they understand that nothing happens with good intentions alone. As we follow Jesus, he will ask us to DO some things that push us beyond our experience.  We will be launched into new territory. I know that my natural...
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Leadership Essential #1: The Art of Following

  Leaders are followers. Flying back from India in 2001, I was reflecting on what I had seen and learned over the previous two weeks.  I had a renewed passion for my city (Madison) and for the calling God had placed on me and on the Church to actually transform...
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10 Leadership Essentials

Leadership essentials…discipleship essentials. What’s the relationship? You can lead and never actually make disciples.  But, you can never make disciples and not lead. “Why didn’t we learn this stuff you are teaching us in our church when we...
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4 Indispensable Investments for Every Leader

  This is the golden age of “The Conference.” It seems like there is a new conference every week.  I’m finding it hard to keep up with all of the options…huge gatherings with dynamic speakers, experts in the field sharing meaningful...
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